3D Cover
Premium Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S10

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HARDIZ Premium Glass 3D Cover series for Galaxy S10 is high clarity and high optical precision screen protector made out of real curved tempered glass. 3D Cover series glass is extremely scratch resistant (9H hardness); it provides long-time protection of the screen against dirt, fingerprints, oil and water keeping touch sensitivity and original image resolution of the screen unaffected. Curved and rounded edges ensure the smooth glide and tactile experience after application on the screen of Galaxy S10’s device. Extensive testing ensures the brightness, sharpness and clarity you expect from Galaxy S10 screen. Proven in testing to have a hardness rating of 9H, it’s the highest level of scratch protection available. 9H hardness is rated by Pencil Test Hardness methodology.

Product info

Material 9H Hardness Glass
Coating Oleophobic 5000 layers
Screen cover 100%
Suitable for Galaxy S10

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