The 3D Glass
Aluminosilicate Tempered Glass for
iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12

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Exclusive protective 3D glass fully covers the screen of iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12. The 3D Glass is made out of aluminosilicate* PANDA™ glass and has high optical clarity features. Glass provides strong protection of the screen according to 9H** standard. Double tempered glass are more harder to be broken what leads to long period of usage of the glass. Glass has advanced oleophobic coating (5000 layers) that prohibits appear of fingerprints and oil stains much longer comparing with most of protective glasses on the market. After the glass is applied to the screen of the device – it is very few seen. The glass has protective net in area of speaker that prohibits appear of dirty around the speaker. Delivery set includes backside camera protective.

* Aluminosilicate glass is stronger than sodic-calcium glass. Such features are reached by chemical processing that leads sodium ions to be replaced by potassium ions. Due to newest chemical formula the top glass layer prohibits defects to appear (scratches and chips). Besides this formula leads to high optical clarity of the glass.

** Hardness rate is conducted by pencil testing method


Product info

Material Aluminosilicate Tempered Glass
Coating Oleophobic 5000 layers
Screen cover 100%
Suitable for iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12

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